When you take the leap into the unknown of an Ayahuasca ceremony, you open yourself to abundant wisdom and conversations that elevate your consciousness.  

Escape your loneliness and heal in community — walk with others who share your commitment self-healing through Plant Medicine.

You’ve heard the voice of Mother Ayahuasca.

But it’s difficult to stay in tune as you’re trapped in the modern world.

You need a community of like-minded people who empathize with your discoveries.

Let’s transform together.

Embark on Your Exceptional Journey with Fellow Students of Ayahuasca

You’ve enjoyed a transformative Ayahuasca ceremony in which you connected with the earth’s nourishing energy and tapped into true consciousness.

Now, you’re back in the real world, where everything is harsh and dim.

It can be a challenge to maintain the light, to stay in tune with your deep-seated purpose.

You need to connect with a tribe of people who are also on their restorative journeys — a place where you can always feel safe, focused, and inspired.

Grow your true purpose and enhance your practice with a vibrant community of fellow travelers — people who understand your desire to shed your old self. Who seek healing and cherished connections above all else.

Hey, I’m Christian.

I’m considered by many to be a Healer, Medicine Man, and Shaman.

My purpose here on Earth is to help humanity evolve through the integration of plant medicine and other mystical experiences.

I am a disciple to the medicine, Ayahuasca and student of life. 

Since 2018, I have participated in hundreds of Ayahuasca ceremonies. When Covid hit, I was no longer able to continue to gather with my Medicine-Soul-Family. The shift forced me out of my two-year safe haven in Central America, and back to an upside down version of the world I left behind just a couple of years prior, back home in Southern California.  

This is where my plant medicine integration truly began.  I worked with the medicine in depth and developed a strong relationship with Mother Ayahuasca, but only after I came back home from Costa Rica and applied what I learned was I able to fully comprehend the transformational power of the plant medicine.

And it wasn’t just the medicine that transformed me.  It was my commitment to the continued conscious daily application of what I had learned that did it for me.  

I’m here to lead a passionate group of Ayahuasca devotees who are breaking free of their modern bindings and tuning into the Mother’s vibrant energies and infinite wisdom.

Will you join us — and continue your transformation into your best self?

Ayahuasca is not only the Mother of our earth and its sacred lifeforms, but also the practice and philosophy through which we nurture our highest vibrations. Those who have not heard Ayahuasca’s voice rarely understand.

Perhaps you’ve begun your healing journey and your family and friends don’t understand what it’s all about. Perhaps you feel inspired and nurtured, but you’re surrounded by people who are tied to their materialist trappings. Perhaps you’re starting to unearth your true self but feel buried under years or even generation of trauma and strife.

In any case, you are lonely. You need a way to sustain your connection to Mother Ayahuasca and continue your restorative journey. You are seeking — needing — connection with like-minded people who are on that same journey, healing and communing with ancient plants and their sacred teachers.

That’s what you’ll find in the Medicintegration Tribe. You will integrate your sacred experiences, knowledge of plant medicine, and spiritual growth in a safe, nurturing place — surrounded by people who provide you with accountability, compassion, and inspiration.

What You'll Find
in the



Engage with fellow travelers on their journey toward healing and fulfillment. Stay in tune with our common mission to speak and live with intention and purpose.


Give and receive support as you cultivate your internal wisdom, drawn from Mother Ayahuasca.

Sense of Purpose.

Free yourself from trauma and living beliefs, and clarify your purpose. Enhance your self-perception as part of a vibrant, beautiful whole.


Maintain and nurture your connection to Mother Ayahuasca even as you pursue your daily tasks and responsibilities.

Learning the powers of sacred plant medicine and initiating your conversation with Mother Ayahuasca is only part of the process. The most meaningful and empowering work happens when you connect with other humans who share a walk on this path.



Membership Includes:

Is This


For You?

If you’re not sure if you have the time or funds to commit to the tribe, or if you feel confused about whether your healing journey is on the right path, consider this:

You are always moving forward. The question is whether you are moving upward. Are you sustaining your connection to Mother Ayahuasca? Are you navigating the daily challenges as you break free of your old self? You don’t have to do it alone.

The longer the loneliness goes, the deeper it settles. You’ve experienced a revelation — now is the time to embrace the moment and connect with others on a similar journey.

Together, you can achieve your true selves, affirm your deep-seated purpose, and elevate the energies of Ayahuasca in all your endeavors.

This is your tribe if…

What People Are Saying about Medicintegration and Shaman Christian

Mafer Ramirez

After plant medicine we are left hanging with so much information, thankfully Christian created a step by step guide to help you work through it and reach a new level of consciousness.

Eric Rincon

The integration process is a necessary part of fulfilling intention and learning what will save us from, perhaps, necessary pain or conflict.  I can see how easy it is to let go of the wisdom and beauty of what we experience in ceremony.

Shawn Witherup

Christian has been bestowed a wisdom keeper and whether you’re struggling or not, there is great power in a group, reenergizing our true potential.

Brenda Vergara

Medicintegration is a great way to connect you back to the truth of your experience. It’s a support system for your journey.

The voice of Ayahuasca is here to nurture you.

Your tribe is here is to inspire you as you listen.

Join the Medicintegration Tribe and honor your journey into abundant wisdom and true purpose.