The Ayahuasca Manifesto

A Mission Statement and direct guidance from the Spirit of Ayahuasca.

All students of Ayahuasca NEED to read this!

The Spirit of Ayahuasca is ready for Humanity to embrace her healing.

Through this powerful book and Mission statement, Mother Ayuasca gives us direction in how to use her Medicine to best serve and support our healing and how to bring it to the world

The Ayahuasca Manifesto clarifies topics like: 

  1. Presentation
  2. My Role in the Expansion of the Human Consciousness
  3. My Purpose with the Human Beings
  4. About Respect and My Sacred Nature
  5. About the Ayahuasca Churches
  6. The Benefits of My Use
  7. The People of My World
  8. Create Awareness of Your Pineal Gland
  9. The Hallucination is Spectacle, The Vision is Virtue
  10. Universal Guide for Conducting an Ayahuasca Session
  11. About the Quality of Facilitators or Shamans
  12. Preparations, Precautions and Diets
  13. Traffic and Management of My Sacrament
  14. Social Impact and Controls in Urban Society
  15. The Urgency of Ayahuasca Preservation Projects
  16. My Planetary Mission
  17. Blessings

Healing. Truth. Wisdom. Light.

All are gifts of Ayahuasca.  Through experiencing this unique, powerful, plant medicine, we learn the deepest lessons and develop a life-long respect for her. 

Whether you’re a new student to the medicine or have been working with her for a while, The Ayahuasca Manifesto gives you an understanding of her true purpose and mission. 

Anyone who has or will drink with her, should study it.

What is the

Ayahuasca Manifesto?

It’s a short channeled book written in the name of the Spirit of Ayahuasca by an anonymous author.

The manifesto brings order to the worldwide tribe of Ayahuasca students. 

It offers deep, real, and true Wisdom and specific guidance direct from her Spirit.

It shows the way to use her great medicine to heal ourselves, and the world.

You need to read the Ayahuasca Manifesto if:

The Ayahuasca Manifesto
bears the voice of the
mother Ayahuasca

It's time to listen.

Read it, follow it, and get ready to transform yourself,
your family, your community, and the world.